The Mighty Mighty Acronyms: DOJ & BOP

Sorry folks, for the overlong sabbatical, which I have taken without leaving the confines of the lovely, razor-wire strewn establishment that CONTINUES to house me. I emphasize the word 'continue' because I am in the 2nd week of being confined, not only against my will, but the will of both houses of Congress. I write, … Continue reading The Mighty Mighty Acronyms: DOJ & BOP


[The following are the thoughts of a good friend of mine, here in federal prison camp. He has become my favorite sounding board for verifying my observations. This came up in conversation, and I asked him to write it up for your benefit.] My prison journey commenced in 2016. Upon reporting to Butner (NC) I … Continue reading BOB’S AHA MOMENT

Through the Looking Glass

Cell phones in prison, other than those belonging to C.O.s, are contraband, meaning they are illegal to have. The BOP doesn't want prisoners having them for fairly obvious reasons. First, all phone calls need to be monitored, so that prisoners won't use them to conduct illegal activities (such as arranging for other contraband to be … Continue reading Through the Looking Glass