I’m here

Well, here I am–in prison.

A little over 3.5 years since this adventure started, here I am.

At the outset I had high hopes that surely the feds would figure out this was all very stupid; that whatever triggered it all would be discovered to be bogus; that whatever the technical infractions of the letter of the law, the spirit of the law had not been trespassed.

But, here I am.

More importantly, there I’m not. I’m not waking up each day at 5, showering, going downstairs to make the 9 cups of Hazelnut Crimson Cup coffee–3 to drink over devotions, 4 to take in my travel mug, 2 for my bride (of 42 years).  Don’t think I’m selfish–she drinks it with milk, 1:1, and that’s all she wants.

I’m not there to say “Whassup” to my brother at 7:15am, who usually beats me to the shop by 5 minutes.

I’m not there to read my emails, to spend as long as it takes to read Powerlingblog, Breitbart, and Daily Caller, and to write up a new daily to-do list.

I’m not there to turn off the lights and go home at 5:30 or 6:30 or 7:30.

I’m not there to set the garbage bin out, (or to figure out the new day of the week following a holiday).  I’m not there to cut the grass.

I’m not there to grill the chicken or to say to my bride, “Let’s eat out tonight”.

I’m here.

(Note from the scribe: All posts are from letters that have been handwritten by BCC himself.)

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