New Acquaintance

Made a new acquaintance yesterday.  From my unit, but from the other half of it; there are a number of those I don’t know by name.  Nice guy.  Good looking fellow.  His eyes sparkle when he smiles.  Probably 35-40.

Asked him where’s from and he told me.  Small town in southern Georgia, north of Florida panhandle.  Grew up on a farm.

Asks him what brings him here.  He said illegal possession of a firearm.  Asked him how did that happen and he said he had a high-powered rifle with him while sitting in a deer stand.

Assuming he wasn’t doing anything more nefarious than deer hunting (he wasn’t) and that, unlike my state, it’s legal to hunt deer with a rifle in Georgia (it is), one can deduce that it was only illegal due to a prior felony (loss of gun rights).

Asked him about his prior.  It was possession of methamphetamines with intent to distribute, when he was 20.

Asked him which end of the tunnel he’s at.  He said he has 8 months left on an 84 month sentence.

Does 7 years sound about right to you?

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