5 Months For What?

A buddy of mine gets out this week after 5 months of incarceration. His snowball started rolling down the hill when a disgruntled secretary called the FBI. He had hired her for temp work, and let her go after the specified term. She wanted to stay on but he denied that request.

Her crime tip- He used an employee in training to do an appraisal for him, in violation of Dodd-Frank. There was nothing found wrong with any of the appraisals, and my buddy had reviewed them and signed them himself, thereby assuming all responsibility.

The FBI/DOJ tried to pass their findings over to the Board of Realtors, thinking it more appropriate that they take corrective action. That board refused saying they wanted the perpetrator punished to the full extent of the federal law. [Not long after this, for reasons unrelated (or at least unknown) to my buddy’s case, the governor disbanded this board.]

The local U.S. Attorney had to go to Main Justice (D.C.) to tell them what to charge the man with, and how much the damages should be. It took 3 years, but they finally indicted him. He took the plea deal of 5 months prison and 5 months home incarceration, with a $5,500 fine. It was, of course, a felony.

The judge could have given him a report date to coincide with when the federal prison camp had an opening. He could have allowed him to self-report. My friend had no criminal history of any kind, and was not a flight risk. Instead, the judge was about to grant the government’s request for him to be immediately remanded to custody, except the defense attorney persuaded the judge to allow him time to arrange his affairs. He was given 1 week. After that week, he was taken to county jail for a month, where he was kept without separation from the high security inmates, none of whom were in for less than 18 years.