“Minnie Mouse”

An inmate wants to send his daughter a birthday car for her 2nd birthday. He wants her to hear, “look what daddy sent you!” and have that associated with a moment of happiness. But where to get such a card??? Can’t go to Hallmark or to a Walmart. Don’t have internet access, so can’t order something online. Wife is not in a frame of mind to help you with your dilemma (in this case).

Fortunately, a prison population is not without artistic talent, nor creative solutions to perplexing problems. Asking around quickly got this inmate to the best artist on the compound, in this case it’s a medical doctor. Not only a real doctor, who’s a real artist, but in this case, the self-proclaimed smartest guy on the compound.

The price is negotiated, the order placed, and the card produced. The inmate checks it out and is pleased. He shows it to a friend, who says, “Do you really want to scar her for life?!?”


Hey, you try to draw cartoon characters from memory!

(Happy birthday to Mara-World’s Most Wonderful & Vivacious Niece” (from her favorite convict uncle)