Good Enough Degree

Having a high school diploma or a GED is a big deal in prison.  Prison jobs pay 3 times as much if you have one than if you don’t.  For example, a Food Service Line Server gets $14.40/mth if you have a HS diploma/GED, but only $5.25/mth without one.  The reason is to give further incentive toward getting a GED while in prison.
Furthermore, GED’s are the centerpiece of the rehabilitative mission of the BOP (Bureau of Prisons).  The recent prison reform measures before congress give 10 days per month off your sentence for every month spent doing an approved rehabilitative program, which includes GED classes.  Plus, you get a $25 bonus for completion of your GED.
What would you do if the pre-sentencing report, which follows you to prison and becomes part of your prison record, failed to capture that you, in fact, are a high school graduate.  Do you, A) order a copy of your diploma at a cost to you of $15, or do you, B) enroll in the GED program and receive $25 plus a shorter sentence?
My friend, Vic, has just this dilemma, even though he has an Engineering B.S. from one of the service academies. He’s a pretty smart guy.  Guess what he’s going to do?