Prison Rules- Softball Edition

The rules are pretty much the same as any other softball game I’ve played in, except- WE PLAY THRU FRIGGIN’ LIGHTNING!!! 
I kid you not. I called a game at the first strong flash of lightning today, and everyone starts bitching. They said the umpire don’t f’g call it, the po-lease do. They pointed out to the right field corner, and sure enough, there was the C.O. standing there with his arms crossed!!
After about 6 more lightning strikes, all getting closer, it started raining. These guys are too smart to worry about a little lightning, but not dumb enough to get a little wet.
The jury’s out on me- am I as dumb as the rest of them, or too big a coward to leave the herd?
I think next game I’m telling them at the pregame review of special rules, that this umpire has issues. When I leave here, I’d like it to be vertically.
On the other hand, I better think it over.