She withstood the tsunami that drove itself into, and over our lives.
It buckled our knees and induced vertigo,
but she got up and carried on.
My co-warrior as we fought the beast we could not slay.
I was taken away, the earth shook under her feet,
but she did not falter.
She washed her face and went back to work, and returned home,
to discover the details of carrying a load meant for two.

Amidst the constant wonder of my unknown circumstances, she made it through the first week.
The nausea lessened and she met herself,
And aloneness filled the house.
A week, and her breath steadied.

She discovered the profound giftedness of work. The blessedness.
Healing flowed through her hands and she grew stronger, but tired.
Sleep was more elusive.
Appetite nil.
Hope beyond reach.
Memory suggested the paths before her, walking them pleased her Lord.

Against her will she returned to her brethren
and permitted them to touch her.
By their humble hands and quiet feet the Only Voice was heard.
They lifted, and pondered how to lift better next time.
And the next times came often.

Another Monday,
and the buzz of the of the workplace was back to normal.
Her unbroken spirit was much discussed.
Her refusal to pander to solitude, and to shed needless tears
was much noticed.
But some saw her overwhelming moments, and passed in silent prayer.

In service to the pained and brokenhearted,
perspective returned.
With the persistent vision of my green-clothed captivity,
wearing a color never to be found again in our closets,
there was now substance to her hope.
The new enemy was Time, but it too bows before the One.
By His decree it must serve His beloved ones.
Hope was germinated.
A month passed, and she could breathe more deeply.

Family cheered her on. New habits of communication were imprinted.
We learned the braille of imprisonment.
We shared new ways of coping.
We ignored our monitoring overlords.
We panned for gold.
We tamed time and made it wait on our table, over three hour meals
of the finest vending cuisine.

We grew in long-distance teamwork. Our Dow went over 25,000 as America was making great.
Great again.
She climbed the dark staircase, with only my faint coaching from the sidelines.
Each step seemed higher than the last, but
the Designer of adventures
always points to the step ladders He faithfully places
in the shadows.
She sometimes laughs now, at what she used to fear.

And her breath is sweet to me.

One thought on “SHE

  1. You have captured this woman flawlessly. The time of refining has purified and burnished the gold of her character. I am a witness. All who know her call her blessed and a blessing. The Designer of Adventures has a Day for her and for you.


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