Never Underestimate

This is a great place to learn life lessons. The one I just learned is never to think its a good idea to do a favor (I distinguish a kindness from a favor), for a CO. It will either be unappreciated or put you in a position to take blame for their ineptitude.

So I took this (fake college) course, Master Gardener, certified by the local university. Pass the final, complete the practical, but to this date the CO over the garden hasn’t initialed some of my times in the garden that were in the middle, datewise, of all of them. The CO over education called me in Monday to tell me that unless that CO initials all of them (mine and one other inmates) we wouldn’t get a certification or credit for the course.

What to do? Do I a) tell him I couldn’t care less about whether or not I got either one, or b) kindly offer to take the paperwork back over there and get it signed. Obviously I chose b).

I took it over on Monday but the CO wasn’t there. I gave it to another guy, a friend, and asked him to give it to CO. On Wed evening, I went to that friend, and he said the CO has it, but that whether he initialed it or not, its locked in his office, and he won’t be back until Tuesday, the day after Columbus Day. I went to the education CO, to give him the latest info. He’s very aggravated. With who? With me.

You can never underestimate ………

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