The Mighty Mighty Acronyms: DOJ & BOP

Sorry folks, for the overlong sabbatical, which I have taken without leaving the confines of the lovely, razor-wire strewn establishment that CONTINUES to house me. I emphasize the word ‘continue’ because I am in the 2nd week of being confined, not only against my will, but the will of both houses of Congress. I write, of course, of the First Step Act, now U.S. law.

I know that given the timing of the signing, and the fact the gov’t is now in partial “shut down”, it is not realistic for me to expect to be a free man by this time. But given that the President has signed it into law, and the fact that I have satisfied the most indisputable requirements for immediate release; 2/3 of sentence served, over 60 yrs old, I am still at the table ‘playing with house money’. (Reverse the analogy and it makes sense)

I will be out anyway in a couple months, but the prevailing attitude that there is no sense of urgency to release a man (or woman) who has “paid” for his crimes, according to their rules, is mildly frustrating, but not a surprise.

Our immediate ‘supervisors’, the BOP, apparently could not see this coming, and therefore weren’t so foolish as to actually prepare the “database” to accommodate the passing of this Act into Law, which passed by a relative landslide. The union for the ‘overseers’ (slavery terms are very apt, because the comparison is so remarkable close), not many months ago, were spending on advertising- billboards with scary messages about this “jailbreak”- to protect society (society = their jobs). The BOP’s overlords, the DOJ, says they will need many months to sift out the needed changes. And so the old (paradoxical) adage holds; ‘The more things change, the more they remain the same’.

I confess to no more knowledge about the First Step Law than anyone else. In fact, being in prison and subject to the prison rumor mill, what we call “”, I am probably more misinformed than most.

However, as is often the case, my bible reading leads me to a perfect description of reality:

“They utter mere words; with empty oaths they make covenants; so litigation
springs up like poisonous weeds in the furrows of the fields.” Hosea 10.4

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