Rape Prevention Towels (or lack thereof)

Our shower curtains are opaque on bottom, see-thru clear plastic from the shoulder up. Some guys are shy, and often use towels over the shower rods for greater privacy. A recent bulletin informs us that such use of towels is prohibited by "Anti-rape regulations" (1984's Anti-Sex League anyone???). Not sure which makes me worry about … Continue reading Rape Prevention Towels (or lack thereof)

Thoughts on ‘Deterrence’

IF "deterrence" is such a good thing (as federal judges are wont to say these days)... IF it's effect is to improve society (even if occasional injustices occur, or if an occasional sentence is too harsh, or if an incarceration occurs which is not necessitated by justice, or .....) THEN, knowing that the ranks of … Continue reading Thoughts on ‘Deterrence’

Prison Rules- Softball Edition

The rules are pretty much the same as any other softball game I've played in, except- WE PLAY THRU FRIGGIN' LIGHTNING!!!  I kid you not. I called a game at the first strong flash of lightning today, and everyone starts bitching. They said the umpire don't f'g call it, the po-lease do. They pointed out … Continue reading Prison Rules- Softball Edition